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What is Hollywood Parts?

A: We are an asset management LLC specifically designed for the entertainment industry; simply put, we identify, track, barcode, transport and store all assets purchased or created in the making of entertainment product of all types. We allow productions to better manage their assets and storage and get a larger return for their asset dollar by providing client rental as well as public web sales site. See our About section for a description of our services and advantages.

Q: What is an asset?

A: An asset is anything purchased or created for use in the making of an entertainment product.

Q: Who will pay for all this asset recovery, photos and bar-coding?

A: The object of Hollywood Parts is to give executives and producers up to the minute information on their asset location, status and storage costs thus allowing them to make better decisions regarding asset management. Well managed assets as well as timely decision making will allow productions and studios to save money by reducing loss, cutting storage costs and wrap times. Hollywood Parts retail web site will allow productions to receive a larger return on sales while rentals would provide a continuing return. All of these strategies combined will easily pay for any added costs to properly identify, track, store and transport assets.

Q: What is a “Hero” Asset and why does it cost more?

A: A hero asset is anything seen noticeably on screen. Wardrobe, hand props and items seen repeatedly in a scene or worn or touched by an actor can be a Hero. This is why they are more expensive.

Q: How much does it cost to store at Hollywood Parts?

A: Hollywood Parts has competitive rates with most storage venues. With Hollywood Parts exclusive software, however your storage costs may be zero because you can rent your items out to other companies and receive income! An example is you store a chair with Hollywood Parts that is valued at $500. It costs $4.00 a month to store and rents for one week at $75. You receive 60% of this amount or $45 and Hollywood Parts gets $30. This pays for an entire years’ storage. Rent it two weeks or more out of the year and the profit begins.

Q: Can I list my house or office on Hollywood Parts for use in a movie or TV show?

A: Yes, there is a yearly fee for the listing. We do not take a percentage or negotiate any contracts. We will however appraise the usual fee for you so you are confident going into a deal that is negotiated between you and the location manager.

Q: How do I know I’m getting a good deal from Hollywood Parts?

A: Most of our assets for sale are used for only a couple of months if at all! Most of our pricing is based on a simple scale, 50% of the original price with some a slow as 15%.

Q: If I store and list my item for sale on Hollywood Parts, what cut does Hollywood Parts take?

A: We do 60/40 split. 60% goes to the owner, 40% goes to Hollywood Parts.

Q: What if I can’t store my item at Hollywood Parts, can I still list on the website?

A: Yes, items too big to move or store will be decided on a case by case basis. E.g. large boats, trains, airplanes, however the split is then 40-60, 40% for the owner and 60% for Hollywood Parts.

Q: Can I advertise on Hollywood Parts?

A: Yes, contact our advertisement department for available web advertising.

Q: What services does Hollywood Parts provide?

A: All services to help identify, track, barcode, pack, move, store and sell entertainment assets. See our about section for a specific list of services.

Q: How do I secure my production assets?

A: Hollywood Parts provides an uploader to transfer asset information directly from your accounting database of purchases (normally Entertainment Partners). Hollywood Parts will then send our Asset Coordinator out to locate and provide barcode or other identifying means to each department head or studio assigned asset manager to identify (most expensive assets first) and barcode each asset over an amount determined by the production. At this time or at a time least disruptive to the production, Hollywood Parts will photograph and scan the assets. This can occur upon wrap or during production as determined by production and Hollywood Parts. At this point assets are being tracked by Hollywood Parts and will be almost immediately available for viewing and managing on line.

Q: What is a DDM?

A: A DDM is a “Designated Decision Maker.” Each client (Production Company, studio, LLC) will designate a DDM to make the asset management decisions.

Q: Can I simply turn over all assets to Hollywood Parts at wrap and let them sort it out?

A: Yes, you can save wrap costs this way; however some security may be compromised, the decision is up to the client. Either way, Hollywood Parts can save wrap costs by allowing shorter wrap periods for higher paid employees.

Q: Will your asset coordinator interrupt our production?

A: Certainly not! Hollywood Parts is sensitive to the nature of production politics; however, if asset security is a priority, it is best to have our Asset Coordinator visible during the production.

Q: Can assets still be gifted or sold to crew members?

A: Hollywood Parts mission is to prevent loss and provide better asset management and return to value. Hollywood Parts will aid in loss prevention and any gifting or sales will be well documented and approved before any action. Any action like this will immediately trigger Emails to designated decision makers (DDM) for, prior approval.

Q: How will Hollywood Parts help union employees?

A: Often times union employees are under pressure to provide hero props and wardrobe or souvenirs to directors and actors or producers as they want to work with them in the future. Hollywood Parts allows the pressure to be passed onto an independent asset manager, thus giving an out to the employees and preventing loss of valuable assets and employee ethics.

Q: Can we buy entire sets?

A: Yes, complete sets stored at Hollywood Parts as well as individual walls can be purchased or rented.

Q: Can I be notified when a particular asset becomes available?

A: Yes, set up a ‘Prop Hunter’ account and you will receive an automatic E mail when something comes available.

Q: What if my rental asset becomes damaged?

A: We photograph before and after to determine any damage and bill the customer as a normal rental house.

Q: What if my set walls come back changed?

A: You will be notified and decide if the walls need to be put back to their original condition or a fee may be charged the customer. Restoration may be a condition of rental also.

Q: Can I have my own dedicated prop lockup?

A: Yes, we can fence off a specific area for you and provide access where available.

Q: We have our own production equipment; can you manage this for us?

A: Yes, we can barcode and photo then scan the items in and out for you with complete status and inventory available 24 hours online. When the equipment is outdated, one click moves it to the web sales site.



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